SmartQ5 MID


The SmartQ5 MID is an ARM tablet device made by a chinese company. Based on S3C6410 processor, it can run Linux, modified Qi and U-Boot bootloaders, and low cost. An interesting platform for hacking. I could not resist the temptation to open it and take some photos of its inner beauty.

SmartQ5 MIDOpening a SmartQ5Removing screws to access the PCBSmartQ5 PCBSmartQ5 PCBSmartQ5 PCB with battery attached

Photos taken by me and, as usual, published under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

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Hack your own cross compiler


I’ve made a custom cross-compilation toolchain for ARM processors. It works either
as a standalone toolchain or within Scratchbox2.

Most precompiled toolchains were not suitable for my own purposes since I needed a very specific version of binutils and glibc, and trying to build CodeSourcery’s toolchains with their included script was too much masochistic.

The source code and build script is included, and unlike the build script
in CodeSourcery toolchains, this one actually works. It is meant to be
hacked, built from source code to create toolchains with custom patches
or with different tool and library versions.


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