Ubuntu 9.10 in SmartQ 5


SmartQ5 Ubuntu 9.10 login screen

I ran a quick test of latest Ubuntu and Kubuntu desktops in the SmartQ5, nothing serious, just installing and launching some applications for curiosity’s sake. KDE 4 feels slower than GNOME, but admittedly, both of them are too bloated for the hardware. Nevertheless, it was fun to play with a full desktop in such a small device.

Kubuntu 9.10Ubuntu 9.10

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  1. Comment by Anonymous

    2009-12-06 @ 02:52

    Hi, how did you get it running? dd the armel desktop image to sd-card?

  2. Comment by Roberto

    2009-12-06 @ 16:53

    Bootstraped the root filesystem with debootstrap (apt-get install debootstrap, man debootstrap).

    You will also need to tweak the base system (specially mountall) in order to boot because the current kernel for smartq is too old and it does not support the required features such as mountinfo, pipe2 syscall…

  3. Comment by Anonymous

    2009-12-06 @ 17:44

    Thanks, I tried debootstrapping a while back, got it to boot but ran into some problems because i had debootstrapped on x86. Retrying with the rootstock script now.

  4. Comment by Anonymous

    2009-12-06 @ 21:08

    I'm getting stuck at the mountinfo/proc part of booting – I'll have to look into how to modify the base system like you said. Maybe I could build a more updated kernel version instead.. but that would require some digging into smartq-specific changes.

  5. Comment by Rui Seabra

    2009-12-13 @ 20:38

    I'm trying to get a nice Debian environment for SmartQs with Marcus Bauer. If you want to join us, for now our site is at http://easypimp.wikidot.com/

    Register a user and ask to join the site.


  6. Comment by uzuri

    2010-02-05 @ 13:12

    Hi Roberto. Could you reveal some more details on how you had made it? :) I'm having hard times adding libqt4 to my existing platform (the one provided out f the box). Repos are mixed-matched and I'm unable to sort out dependencies. I'm guessing, that a non-modified distro could help out a bit :)

    Thanks in advance,

  7. Comment by Roberto

    2010-02-06 @ 12:15

    OK, by popular demand I guess I should write an article about it. In the meantime I would recommend to install Ubuntu 9.04 because it is straightforward, unlike 9.10.

  8. Comment by uzuri

    2010-02-08 @ 16:51

    Roberto – how did you fetch the kernel (how did you actually managed to boot it). Was it a part of bootstrapping or an additional process? Would you share some hints?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. Comment by Roberto

    2010-02-09 @ 10:40

    To install the kernel and bootloader please read this:

  10. Comment by Anonymous

    2010-02-14 @ 23:04

    Could you post your mountall tweaks, plz?

  11. Comment by Roberto

    2010-02-15 @ 21:13

    Yes I could :P

    I’m currently migrating the blog to WordPress, please check in the next few days, I’ll post after switching.

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    2010-02-25 @ 03:18

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  13. Comment by anonimo

    2010-09-02 @ 02:49

    plis sahre your tar xD or how can i install this?

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