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A new version of the Qi bootloader for SmartQ is available, now called SmartQi bootloader:

I’ve included the excellent patch made by David F. Carlson, so the CPU will run now at 666 Mhz in its maximum performance setting (was previously set to 533) and memory timing parameters are optimized. The result is greatly improved performance.

Linux kernel must be named /boot/linux-SMDK6410.bin and there should be 2 MiB of free, unpartitioned space at the end of the SD card. To install the bootloader, use the script:

./ /dev/SD_CARD_DEVICE qi-smartq-20091126.bin

Currently I have tested on a Q5 with the provided kernel only. Feel free to test and give feedback, but please, before doing so be aware that the software is for people who are not afraid of hacking their devices and maybe taking some risks in the process. It distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty.

Source code is now on gitorious too, enjoy hacking:

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  1. Comment by Cyrille

    2009-12-30 @ 21:55

    Hello Roberto!

    Thanks for the great hope of freedom you are offering to all the SQ users!

    I bought an SQ5 a few weeks ago and as you I tried the Ubuntu distro on it… the SQ transformed from a Smart Queen to a Sore Quitter…

    So I tried Android on it and found it rather fast…

    But I guess the Mer distro is the best around for that great MID…

    The trouble is that the steps you give at this page:
    are reserved to experts… Would you have some time to add a few steps so that the Mer experience be shared not only to the prestigious Knights but also to the humble squires?


  2. Comment by Roberto

    2010-01-02 @ 15:53

    Not just the installation, I’m afraid that at this stage the Mer distro can only be useful to "prestigious knights" or other strange creatures that enjoy experimental software ;)
    The Mer UI is under heavy development. Latest releases won’t even work (or will work very slowly) in the SmartQ hardware until an alternate desktop such as qmantle is integrated.

  3. Comment by cyrille

    2010-01-03 @ 23:40

    Thank you Roberto, PK in chief ;-)

  4. Comment by belacqua

    2010-01-19 @ 10:13

    Hi Roberto!

    Great work on this bootloader! Very nice to see Mer on the SmartQ and I look forward to seeing future developments.

    My question: Is it possible to use the zenvoid-qi bootloader to flash the internal drive with the Chronolytics image? Or can it not be used to install firmware?


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