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This is a cross toolchain for ARM that uses Ubuntu 9.10 compilers and libraries, so it (hopefully) maintains compatibility with the native compiler for ARM. Precompiled binaries for i386 and the complete source code with its build script are here:

It works for me but not warranties, remember to run the DejaGnu test suite if required for your project. Tests results and patches are appreciated.

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  1. Comment by Roberto

    2010-01-06 @ 13:21

    It is a cross-compilation toolchain: the compiler runs on a machine and creates executables for another one. In this case, it runs on Ubuntu x86 computers and builds software for Ubuntu ARM.

    A native toolchain that runs and builds for Ubuntu ARM is easlily available by apt-get, but cross-compilation toolchains are a bit harder to obtain, hence this package.

  2. Comment by jaustin

    2010-01-06 @ 12:48

    Can you explain a bit more about this toolchain: Does it build for ubuntu-arm targets, or just work on ubuntu-arm?

  3. Comment by jaustin

    2010-01-06 @ 15:48

    Bear with me here. I have a few more questions :)

    Does the cross compiler assume that the machine used for compilation is setup in the same way as the target – for example with respect to shared libraries?

    I have a 9.10 rootfs that I'm running on a Beagle-alike board (IGEPv2) – I'd like to be able to cross compile apps for it (I need to develop some CORBA apps) but I'd rather not do all the compilation on the board itself.

    So far, it seems like your package will be a very good solution for this – but I am not sure of the caveats/pitfalls. Do I need to ensure the systems are set up identically? If not, are there specific details about how to set up the specifications of the target environment? In fact, is there a bunch of documentation somewhere I can churn through?

    Thanks :)

  4. Comment by xonox_h4x0r

    2010-01-21 @ 18:40

    Roberto! please, tell me how i can perform an Ubuntu 9.10's installation on my SmartQ 5. i'm not a linux power user and programmer, but i have a little bit expirience with linux, if you'll clear in u're explanation I'd be a great help! :)
    thnx! :)

  5. Comment by

    2010-02-11 @ 03:21

    great job!! You make it one script to bring toolchain into ubuntu 9.10.

    Thanks a lots!! sincerely.

  6. Comment by Who

    2010-02-15 @ 17:25


    I've got the binary and unpacked it to /usr/local/ but I'm not so sure what's the best way to *use* it

    Could you provide an example of how, for example, to compile an autotools package using the cross compiler – for example, something like ./configure –target=arm-none-linux-gnueabi –host=arm-none-linux-gnueabi

    Which is what I would do with the only cross compiler with which I am familiar!

    Any thanks would be really appreciated – I'm sure it's just a little 'getting started' thing that I'm missing :(


  7. Comment by Roberto

    2010-02-15 @ 23:18

    It can be used exactly like any other cross toolchain, there is nothing special in it except that it uses Ubuntu’s libraries and compiler versions. And yes, a certain knowledge of cross compiling is assumed. I’m thinking to write an introductory article about cross compilation to help people who are not experienced in this area, but it won’t be anytime soon as I have other priorities at the moment.

    Notice that this is a plain toolchain and NOT a cross-compilation environment. You are required to setup the rootfs, environment, libraries, dependencies and the emulator yourself, or please consider to install the toolchain within scratchbox2 (or other cross-compilation environment of your choice) to make things easier for you.

  8. Comment by Gabriel

    2010-11-14 @ 19:42

    I tried to use your lucid package, unfortunately without success:

    root@T60:/home/muellega/Desktop/toolchain-src-lucid-r1# ./build_toolchain
    /home/muellega/Desktop/toolchain-src-lucid-r1/binutils-2.20.1 /home/muellega/Desktop/toolchain-src-lucid-r1
    debian/rules:16: /usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make: No such file or directory
    make: *** No rule to make target `/usr/share/dpatch/dpatch.make’. Stop.

    Any ideas ?

  9. Comment by Roberto

    2010-11-14 @ 20:11

    Yes, apt-get install dpatch

  10. Comment by Gabriel

    2010-11-14 @ 20:39

    Ok, found it. I had to install dpatch and quilt.
    Thanks for the script!

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